About Muay Thai High

The purpose of this website is to share all these techniques, concepts, mindsets   that I have picked up from watching fights after fights, in the hopes of maybe helping someone who is also struggling to improve their striking game, and having more people falling in love with Muay Thai

A little intro

Unlike most people, I started training martial art rather late (when I was 21) and I did not have any athletic background coming into training. No one in my family and none of my relatives are athletic so I am also just average at best. I did not participate in any sport when I was in my high school (or middle school, or anything for that matter), hell me and my friend were known for skipping P.E classes. One time my P.E teacher even told these two Asian guys who were pretty athletic and known for playing sports in the school “You know these two really don’t make your race look that good.” (In case you haven’t caught on, that means that I am Asian)

So… How did I get started?

After high school, I started lifting weight to look better. And I weight on a “bulking” phase in which I went from 128 pounds to 190 pounds in the course of 8 months lol.. I trimmed down a bit, then I “bulk” again, and this cycle goes on for like 2 years until I was 21. During that time, I had a sketchy ass sales job and because of that I started to talk to a long time friend of mine, which happened to be training Muay Thai for roughly 2 years at that time. I was overweight, I hated running, and I thought I would just use Muay Thai as an substitution of cardio. We would “train” in his basement for about an hour for like once or twice a week, and I would just drill whatever he taught me at home. But soon afterwards I realized I actually want to learn and not just f**k around so I joined his gym.

Upon joining the gym, I became interested in the other martial arts that the gym has to provide as well. I started training at the end of 2014 and I was (still am) doing Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA, and Wrestling. I am naturally a little bit better with my grappling and my stand up was just absolutely garbage for the first 2 years of my training. I only wanted to compete in MMA at the time and everyone told me my game should be closing the distance, land a take down, and ground and pound. So I didn’t even put much thoughts into Muay Thai, I simply just showed up and train.

How I went from not giving a sh*t about Muay Thai, to falling in love with the art of eight limbs

Well, you see it really wasn’t too difficult for me to not give a sh*t about Muay Thai. There are a lot of beasts training in our gym, they either have the size advantage or they have been training longer (both, most of the time). I would get my ass kicked bad every single week, and sparring was really hard at first (we now spar really technically) , everyone was literally trying to take each other’s head off lol. If I were to be a little bit more of a negative person I think I would have even hated Muay Thai.

However, that did not stop me from training Muay Thai, since I wanted to compete in MMA eventually. So fast forward one year and a half / 2 years later (2016 to be exact), I was kinda depressed (by kinda I mean really lol). And guess what I did, I started smoking weed every-single-f**king-day (I really hope my parents don’t read this).

One night, I was high and looking for something on youtube to watch. I came across this Muay Thai promotion called Max Muay Thai. (If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you checking it out. It has some pretty damn high level as well as entertaining fights) At the time, I had never watched any kind of stand up fights because 1) I wasn’t particularly interested in striking and 2) I just don’t understand anything when I watch it. But I was like, what the hell, it might be fun to watch since I am high af. And that was seriously the best decision I have made in my life. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but I think it’s up there lol.

I sh*t you not, all of a sudden, I began to understand Muay Thai. I started to see how fighters set up their rhythm, pace, timing, etc. How they transition from kicks to punches, using punches to get into clinching range and land knees and elbows. How they recognize their opponents offensive patterns and defensive holes and land a KO. How they use a different tools for different situations. These are just a fraction of what I have learnt ever since. Most importantly, I somehow was capable to understand these high level fighters’ systematic approaches to Muay Thai and appreciate their brilliant minds. It was truly a beautiful thing to see.

So basically… all you did was get high and watch fights ?

Of course not. Well, yes in a way. For almost a year straight, I would get high every night and watch fights. I would write down everything I see in a fight, every little details, every variation of techniques, how the fighters use it, when they use it, and how their opponents counter it. I would wake up in the morning the next day, and spend 2 hours drilling these techniques. Visualizing the timing, the situation in which these techniques are viable, and perfecting my techinque meanwhile.

Then half a year later, I fell in love with Muay Thai

I did that at least 3-5 days a week, and I still do it until this day (minus the smoking part). I became fluid when I am sparring thanks to all these drilling. And I have the motivation to drill and train more because I am intrigued by the fact that one day, when I get to that level, I can puts on fights that are as beautiful and artistic as these fighters that I am watching.  I actually began to enjoy Muay Thai, and improve significantly. I am not saying that I am doing super well in sparring whatsoever, but I am saying, I really fell in love with the sport, for the beauty of Muay thai and the intricacy of the techniques.

And So Can You, And Everyone!

Even if you feel like you have no talent in Muay Thai (or striking in general), and you feel like you are not going anywhere with your training. DON’T GIVE UP! I know exactly how you feel because I feel the exact same way for almost 2 years. The purpose of this website is to share all these things that I have picked up from watching fights after fights, in the hopes of maybe helping someone who is also struggling to improve their striking game, and having more people falling in love with Muay Thai.

Follow My Muay Thai Journey

Sean Fagan aka The Muay Thai Guy, Paul Banasiak aka Muay Thai Athlete and Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu are all huge inspirations to me. Because of them, I have decided to start this website, and planning my first trip to Thailand to train and fight. I am currently working on finishing up my university degree and saving up money so I can go to Thailand in 2018 and possibly even move there.

When I make it to Thailand, I will be vlogging and sharing my time and life in Thailand as well as documenting my journey. At the mean time, I will be writing articles and blogs sharing what I have learnt.

Be sure to checkout:

  • Segan Fagan aka The Muay Thai Guy





  • Paul “Reaper” aka Muay Thai Athlete





  • Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu





And my Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for future posts and videos.


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